Full privacy notice

How we use your personal information

The link below contains the current Full Privacy Notice (FPN) as referred to in Section F of Barclays Bank Terms. This is for use by clients and provides detail on how we use your personal information.

January 2021 - Full Privacy Notice [PDF, 730KB]

Barclays UK  - Privacy Notice [PDF, 111KB]

Previous versions of the FPN can be found in the archive section below.


October 2020 - Full Privacy Notice [PDF, 718KB]

January 2020 - Full Privacy Notice [PDF, 718KB]

May 2018 - Full Privacy Notice [PDF, 144KB]

November 2014 - Full Privacy Notice [PDF, 29KB]

September 2013 - Full Privacy Notice [PDF, 20KB]

July 2012 - Full Privacy Notice [PDF, 19KB]