Investing for income

Looking for a regular income from your investments?

Income investments can pay regular returns throughout the life of the investment - a great option if you’re looking to supplement your income.

Investment options

Income investments offer either a fixed, variable or performance-related income. Each has benefits and drawbacks:

Fixed income

Suited for investors who prefer  the security of knowing they'll receive a set return.

Access to capital will depend on the liquidity of the product.

Variable income

Suited to investors who are happy not knowing exactly what income they'll receive but want to benefit should interest rates rise. They generally come with ready access to your capital.

Variable income such as putting money into a variable interest deposit account. 

Performance related income

Suited to investors looking to maximise their potential return but without the certainty of a fixed amount.

There's a risk that this type of investment may have no return to pay out. Like fixed income investments they'll often involve restrictions on access to capital and may also carry a risk of loss of capital.

Remember that all investments carry risk. Investments can fall in value and you could get back less than you invested. Investments in currencies other than your own may rise or fall because of changes in exchange rates.