Structured products

Structured products allow you to take exposure to an underlying asset or market of your choice, based on your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Features and benefits

Some structured products fully repay your initial investment at the end of their term. Others may put your capital at risk, for potentially higher returns.

Greater risks for potentially higher returns

Potentially higher returns  than specific term deposits  or cash in a savings account.

Risk levels to match your investments goals

As a market leader in structured products, our expertise is in designing the right structured product  for your risk profile.

Portfolio diversification

Structured products can also help diversify your portfolio by investing in assets that are otherwise difficult to access.

Fixed investment horizon.

Most structured products have a fixed term – typically three to six years.

Product innovation and competitive terms

Our product specialists work with leading investment banks  to  bring you innovative products  and competitive terms.

Remember that all investments carry risk. Investments can fall in value and you could get back less than you invested. Investments in currencies other than your own may rise or fall because of changes in exchange rates.

Things to consider

• You could lose all of your initial capital when investing in certain structured notes, even if it is held until the end of its term.

•  If you need to sell your product before its term ends, you may get back less than you invested. You should only invest in structured product with money that you won’t need during the term of the product.

• If the issuer of your structured product is unable to meet its financial obligations then you may not receive back your original investment or the expected return. The issuer’s failure to pay will not in itself give rise to any claim for compensation from a state scheme.

• If the specified conditions for the return are not met, then you could get no return on your initial investment – or a lower return than a savings account would have paid.

• Different products have different levels of risk.

• In some instances, if the value of the investment link drops, you may get back less than you originally invested at the end of the term.

Managed funds

Diversification with trusted results

A managed fund is an easy way to diversify your portfolio and spreading the risk without having to research individual investments yourself.

Strategies and goals

What do you want your money to do for you?

By looking at what you are trying to achieve with your investments, we can help create a strategy to meet your goals.

Important information

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