Beyond London - Real Estate Realities podcast

06 November 2020

This podcast was originally commissioned for Barclays Private Bank. It has been modified for our International clients.

Is lockdown prompting an exodus from London? In the second episode of Real Estate Realities, the Barclays Private Bank podcast devoted to prime property, we’ve looked at trends in prime and super prime property markets outside of London.

Join property journalist Zoe Dare Hall as we explore the UK’s luxury residential markets and ask the experts for their thoughts on the trends and opportunities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode we’re joined by Lucian Cook, Director of Residential Research at Savills; Alex Goldstein, an Independent Property Consultant based in Harrogate; and Stephen Moroukian, Product and Proposition Director at Barclays Private Bank.

Don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast? Dip into the recording at the times below to listen to specific topics:

  1. Market overview - 3.28
  2. Moving out of London - 10:29
  3. Lifestyle trends - 14:56
  4. Which areas are gaining traction? - 17:31
  5. Multigenerational living - 21:30
  6. Interest rates, stamp duty and other drivers - 24:12
  7. Opportunities - 26:32

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