Security of your credentials

When you apply to use our services online, we’ll set up security credentials for you. Your credentials give you access to Barclays Online services, and you should take adequate steps to make sure that this online information remains secret. To safeguard these details you should:

  • Memorise your passcode and memorable word, and remember to destroy your passcode letter once you have memorised your passcode
  • Ensure that you don’t tell anyone your passcode or memorable word, and make sure that they’re kept secret by taking appropriate steps to prevent disclosure to a third party
  • Never keep details of your passcode or memorable word with your membership number in the same place
  • Avoid using the same passcode or memorable word on other websites.

Logging out

If you have logged in to the secure area of the site and then choose to finish your session, you should always log out to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

Public computers

Be extra vigilant if using public computers, including internet cafés, or wireless hotspots, where there’s an increased risk of your online details being compromised.  We recommend that you use computers which you directly control, or at least consider to be secure, to access Barclays Online.

Don’t choose any options to remember your details on a computer other people may use.

Completely close the browser, clearing private data, when you've used a computer that other people may use.

Be vigilant and up to date

  • If you have a personal credit file check it regularly, particularly if you've recently moved house
  • This will help you to spot any fraudulent activity that may be carried out in your name. You can get reports from CallcreditEquifax and Experian
  • Keep your computer and mobile software up to date
  • Keeping your computer and mobile's operating systems, applications, virus checkers, firewalls and software up to date is the best proactive protection for your computer, mobile and data
  • Be vigilant when using cash machines
  • Move to another machine if someone behind you is behaving suspiciously or tries to distract you
  • Check for signs of tampering, as this could mean that the machine has been fitted with a skimming device
  • Never leave receipts behind - keep them until you've checked them against your statements and then dispose of them safely, preferably by shredding them.

If you are concerned about the security of your account contact us immediately.