UK expats

Relocating and living abroad

Are you a UK national living or working overseas? Our International Bank Account can help your financial affairs run smoothly.

How we can help

Banking for expats

  • Easily manage your money with our International Bank Account, which you can open before you leave the UK
  • Settle transactions at home and abroad using a range of currencies
  • Multi-currency accounts help you manage the risk of exchange rate fluctuations
  • Send money back home using our international transfer services.

Savings for expats

  • Short and long-term saving options with flexible access
  • Saving for a contingency plan gives you peace of mind
  • Save for retirement while abroad - you may be able to continue paying into your UK pension and benefit from tax relief1.

Buying and renting property abroad

Your tax obligations

You'll need to inform HM Revenue & Customs of your plans to leave the country. You may still need to pay UK tax, even if you’re non-resident, in cases such as receiving income from renting a property in the UK.

You should also spend some time investigating your tax obligations in the country you are moving to – for most people, the tax system in the country in which they live and work is the one that takes precedent.

You'll also need to review your current financial arrangements and decide whether they remain appropriate. For example, while you may want to continue putting money aside for the future using the same sorts of assets – such as cash, fixed-income assets, property and equities – you may need to change the way you hold them. For instance, only UK tax residents can open Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). Be prepared to take professional and independent advice on financial planning.


Make your dreams happen

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