Travel wallet

A multi-currency solution at your fingertips, whenever you need it

You can use your debit card to make payments in euros or US dollars and even withdraw currency from your travel wallet, all without incurring any fees. To help you stay on top of your finances you can also get notifications on your wallet balance.

Why should I use it?

Fix your exchange rate before travelling

Take the worry out of fluctuating exchange rates. Buy your currency at a fixed rate for your travel wallet. If you’re running low, you can top up any time and use your debit card as normal.

Use your debit card abroad

Our travel wallet allows you to use your existing pound sterling debit card like a multi-currency card abroad. It allows you to use the one debit card in both euros and US dollars, you can create a travel wallet for each currency and use the same card to spend from both.

No transaction fees

You can make purchases and withdraw money abroad for free1 in the local currency once you have added money to your travel wallet.

Keep the change or change it back

You have the choice of swapping any currency remaining in your travel wallet back to British pounds, and move it back into your account. Or, you can keep it for your next trip – your choice.

Stay on top of your money

You can keep on track of your spending by setting up notifications to manage your wallet balance. Or see how much is left and where you have spent it so far by viewing the balance within the app.

Spending abroad is simple with a travel wallet

How to create your travel wallet in the Barclays app

If you haven’t already, you will need to download the Barclays app2 to create a travel wallet. Once you’ve registered, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the app
2. Tap on ‘Cards’ on the home screen
3. Tap ‘Create a travel wallet’

Terms and conditions apply. You must have a Barclays current account, be at least 18 years old and have a mobile number.

Please note that travel wallet is currently only available to sole account holders. Debit cards linked to a joint account will not see the option to open a travel wallet.


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