Digital services

Secure online and mobile services, keeping you connected

Our online and mobile services give you the freedom to manage your money and investments, whenever it suits you.

Stay connected to your money


Barclays Online Banking

Your banking and investments, all in one place

Access all your accounts when it suits you – no queues, no need to book appointments and no closing hours.


The Barclays app

Banking in the palm of your hand

You can check your balance, pay bills, cancel direct debits and more, all from your mobile phone.


Online investment service

Investment management made easy

On the go instant overview of your investments, accounts and other products from Barclays1.

Relationship management

Designed for clients with more complex financial needs who want pro-active support, our relationship management offers you personalised and dedicated expertise2.


Make your dreams, a plan

We’re ready to move, invest and preserve your wealth, so you can make the most of your world. Apply for a Barclays International Banking account today.