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  • Make international payments
  • Transfer money, pay bills and pay someone new
  • Change your personal details, log-in details and preferences
  • See how you can use PINsentry.

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PINsentry is a device that generates a one-off eight digit code so that you can make use of all our services. It's used to authenticate your identity, giving you added protection for your accounts.


    Go to the online banking log-in page and tell us who you are, using your membership number, card number or sort code and account number.

    Then, follow the steps on screen to confirm your identity using PINsentry.

    You'll need your card and card reader then, follow these steps:

    Step 1
    Enter the last four digits of your card into the log-in page.

    Step 2
    Put your card into the  PINsentry card reader and press IDENTIFY.

    Step 3
    Type in your PIN and press ENTER.

    Step 4
    An eight digit code will show on the screen of your PINSentry card reader. Enter this code into the log-in page and click log in to online banking.


    Visit the online banking log-in page and tell us who you are, using your membership number, card number or sort code and account number.

    Then follow the steps on screen to confirm your identity using mobile PINsentry. You'll need access to the Barclays app, but it doesn't need to be connected to the internet.

    Logging in with mobile PINsentry:

    Step 1
    Open the Barclays app.

    Step 2
    Select mobile PINsentry from the left hand menu.

    Step 3
    Tap IDENTIFY on your mobile PINsentry. This will generate a unique eight digit code.

    Step 4
    On the online banking log-in page choose the log in with mobile PINsentry option.

    Step 5
    Enter the unique eight digit code generated by the mobile PINsentry.


    Find out more about how to use 'Identify, Sign & Respond' with PINsentry.

    This is used to identify you when you need to make changes to your account.

    This is used to identify you when setting up a new Barclays service, for example registering for Barclays Mobile Banking.

    If you've made a payment to someone new in online banking, you'll be asked to sign the payment. The process is similar to logging in – you'll get full instructions when you're making your payment.


    Some things you'll need to know:

    • Your card reader is battery powered and doesn't need to be plugged in. The batteries should last between five and seven years. Audio card reader batteries will last two to three years
    • Your card reader will time out and turn off after 90 seconds of inactivity. To reactivate the card reader, remove and reinsert your bank card
    • The card reader does not need to be connected to your computer at any time. It works completely independently, based on your card and the information you enter into it
    • Never accept instructions to synchronise the PINsentry card reader – no synchronisation is necessary
    • Never accept instructions from anyone asking you to enter an account number and amount into the PINsentry card reader unless you wish to make a payment to them.

  • You can order your PINsentry reader by calling our client service centre on:


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