Relationship management

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We’ll be there when you need us, to help you fulfill your financial ambitions.

How we can help

Relationship management is available for clients who maintain at least £100k or currency equivalent1 with us (threshold may be increased dependent on jurisdiction or other factors).

Relationship manager

Your dedicated relationship manager will develop a plan to help you achieve your financial ambitions, and keep you informed of the latest research and insights.

Investment advisers

If you’re looking to grow your wealth, our Investment advisers can provide you access to a range of investments2 in funds and structured products.

Mortgage advisers

If you want to buy property in the UK, you can access our mortgage offerings, including investment property mortgages, giving you the opportunity to receive a rental income.


Make your dreams, a plan

We’re ready to move, invest and preserve your wealth, so you can make the most of your world. Apply for a Barclays International Banking account today.

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