International investments

Using global expertise to invest in your long-term future

Why invest with Barclays?

We have the global capability and expertise to help you grow your wealth. Our investment philosophy is built around seeking and investing in high-quality companies, for the long term. Backed by more than 330 years of experience at the Barclays Group, our international investment service, offers:

Personalised solutions
We’ll recommend an investment portfolio that is suited to your individual needs, balancing your long-term goals and your appetite for risk

Dedicated management
We regularly evaluate the performance of your investments, proactively looking for new growth opportunities and aiming to preserve your wealth during turbulent conditions

Economic stability
With a base in secure economic centres, we offer access to products in pounds, euros, US dollars, and multiple other currencies

Global reach
Our investment capabilities are just one part of what we do. As a client, you'll have access to personal, corporate, and banking expertise from across Barclays, one of the largest financial services groups in the world

Investment services

You choose how you invest with us. You can either delegate your wealth’s growth and preservation to us, or manage your capital with our strategic insights.

Discretionary portfolio management

  • A portfolio manager will invest on your behalf
  • You’ll have constant view of your portfolio’s performance and strategy  
  • We offer a comprehensive range of multi-asset class portfolios, which are diversified to manage risk and capture opportunities

Advisory services

  • Retain control of your portfolio, with support from an investment adviser
  • Work with investment providers from around the world who have undergone our vigorous screening process
  • Get advice on portfolio construction, investment strategies, and risk management
  • Receive regular portfolio reviews, relevant research, and alerts

Please note: investments can fall as well as rise in value. Your capital may be at risk.

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To invest with Barclays International Bank, you’ll need…

A Barclays International Bank Account
Opening an account is straightforward and you’ll have a choice of three major currencies – sterling, euros, or US dollars. Find out more about our International Bank Account

Residence in a qualifying country
We offer bank accounts in 70 countries globally

A minimum of £100,000 (or currency equivalent)1,2
This can be in savings and/or investments across all your accounts with us

A minimum of £250,000 (or currency equivalent)1 for Relationship Management
Get access to an expert who can explore your financial goals in detail. Learn more about the benefits of having a Relationship Manager

Warning: Have you been approached with an Investment Opportunity?

Be alert for any investment opportunities (e.g. mortgage, investment bonds, online trading) offered to you by someone claiming to be a Barclays Representative – it could be a scam. Find out more

Get investment updates with our latest news and insights

Read our latest thought leadership articles for big picture news and analysis of the topics that really matter to our clients. 

Open up your world

A Barclays International Bank Account is your gateway to services that can help you save for the future, grow your wealth, and use foreign exchange to your advantage.


International banking

Our International Bank Account is a current account you can open in a selection of currencies, and in a variety of locations.


Foreign exchange

Move your money effortlessly, and internationally, between your accounts.



Our mortgage advisers are on hand every step of the way and can help you choose from a range of fixed and variable mortgages, or a combination of both.



Backed by the group’s global expertise, we offer immediate-access, fixed-term, and fixed-return savings solutions.

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