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Discretionary portfolio management

Investing expertise. Long-term vision


Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Managing investments can be hard work. Our discretionary portfolio management service invests on your behalf, meaning you delegate the decision-making to us.

We’ll actively manage your portfolio over the long term as we aim to meet your objectives, giving you clear performance updates and reports. We manage your investments with specialist knowledge, a global network, and there’s a dedicated portfolio manager working for you.

At Barclays International Bank, you have access to a range of multi-asset class solutions. Our in-house asset class specialists support our discretionary team and help us to make the most of our global network.

Based on your risk tolerance, preferences and objectives, we’ll identify the right investment strategies for you.

Diversified portfolios with a long-term view, aiming to generate strong, risk-adjusted returns

We concentrate less on timing economic cycles, and more on building a high-quality portfolio that stands the test of time.

Your portfolio manager will have ongoing oversight of your investments, and will diversify your portfolio to manage risk efficiently. We believe in active management and we invest with conviction, while closely managing portfolio risks.

Our flagship multi-asset class discretionary portfolio has followed the same strategy since inception in 2006.

Our investment approach can be distilled into four core values

  • Seeking out the best opportunities
    We identify high-quality companies with strong management, robust fundamentals, and promising long-term prospects. Our preference for low portfolio turnover and direct investment also helps to keep costs down

  • Striking the right balance
    Our open architecture approach and in-house capabilities empower us to build and manage well-diversified portfolios across sectors, market drivers, and asset classes

  • Leading with conviction
    In order to capitalise on opportunities and in our efforts to outperform benchmarks, we put more focus and investment into our best ideas in your portfolio

  • Managing risk
    Your peace of mind is valuable. We monitor, manage, and mitigate each portfolio’s exposure to identified risks with ongoing due diligence

You’re in expert hands

Your investment portfolio will benefit from our research from across the group, strategic thinking and tactical market positioning, including the capabilities of our in-house asset class specialists. We’re unconstrained in selecting the ideas that best support you from across our global network.

Our experienced and stable team of portfolio managers can serve you globally from Jersey.

We’re here to provide the flexibility for your future.

Responsible investing

We believe that it is in the best interests of our clients for us to be proactive and purpose-driven when investing on your behalf. We are committed to being a responsible investor. This means that through our partnership with EOS at Federated Hermes, we actively engage with and vote (in the UK) with the companies our clients are invested in. We also incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)1 factors into our investment decisions and analysis.

We believe committing to responsible investing allows us to ensure there is a balance between maximising returns and representing the long-term interests of our clients and ultimate beneficiaries.

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