Foreign exchange

Move money easily between currencies

A quick, easy-to-use foreign exchange (FX) service that lets you execute in up to 60 currencies and manage the risks of currency fluctuations.

Features and benefits

Move your money instantly and internationally, between your accounts and make payments abroad.

Currency conversion

You can execute in up to 60 currencies, putting you firmly in control of your money. The more you convert, the more likely you are to get a favorable rate.

Variety of channels

Whether you're moving money between your accounts or making international payments, you can convert currencies at your convenience across several channels, online and over the phone.

FX services

Move your money instantly and internationally, between your accounts or to make payments. Our FX services can help you manage your wealth and balance currency fluctuations.

How much will it cost me?

With any currency transaction there are several factors that affect how much the currency exchange will cost, including:

  • When you make your FX payment, the exchange rate will be linked to the Barclays mid-market reference rate at the time you execute the payment.
  • A margin will be applied to your reference rate.
  • This margin is based on your FX price plan which is linked to the amount of assets you hold with Barclays.
  • Our rates and associated margins are completely transparent and are displayed when you execute your FX payment in online or mobile banking.
  • For more information, please speak to your relationship manager or contact us.

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