Foreign exchange

Move money easily between currencies

A quick, easy-to-use FX service that lets you trade in up to 60 currencies, and keep on top of the risks posed by currency fluctuations.

Features and benefits

Whether you want to send a payment to another country or perform a trade to help manage currency fluctuations, our foreign exchange (FX) service offers you the tools you need to help you manage your money internationally.

Currency conversion

You can trade in up to 60 currencies, putting you firmly in control of your currency needs. The more you convert, the better the rates we can offer.

Variety of channels

Whether you need a currency conversion because you're moving money between your accounts or sending payments abroad, you can do this at your convenience across a variety of channels – online, telephone, in selected branches or by post.

Help at hand when you need it most

If you're on our relationship management service, you'll have access to a treasury specialist, who can provide information on FX markets and FX execution, but they can't give you investment advice.

Things to consider

With any currency transaction, there are several factors that affect what the currency exchange will cost you, including:

  • The size of the transaction
  • Current market exchange rate
  • Currency price volatility
  • Timing of the exchange
  • How often you need to convert currencies
  • How much capital you have and whether you're comfortable converting more to benefit when exchange rates are in your favour.

When entering into FX transactions you can suffer losses. Please bear in mind that exchange rates can be affected by factors such as interest rate expectations, inflation, macroeconomic events and natural disasters. If you're unsure about a transaction, you should seek independent advice.

About foreign exchange

Make more informed FX transaction choices by learning about some of the considerations behind making regular payments in a different currency.


Currency payments and exposure

How to manage FX exposure

While exchange rate fluctuations put the value of your money at risk, there are ways to effectively manage your exposure.


Foreign exchange FAQs

Barclays FX help

Find the answers to some common questions about foreign exchange (FX) risk and other factors that affect exchange rates.

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