Banking rates and fees

Interest rates

For savings and bank accounts available for new and existing applicants
For clients of Barclays Bank Plc Isle of Man and Jersey [PDF, 193KB]

Historic interest rates
International Savings - Personal Only [PDF, 172KB]

Barclays Bank base rate for overdrafts and loans

Barclays Bank base rate [PDF, 54KB]

Mortgage interest rates

Standard variable rate for mortgages [PDF, 38KB]

External rates

External reference rates for currencies used by International Banking Services.

International tariffs

London, Jersey and the Isle of Man
For accounts held with Barclays Bank Plc in London, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man – effective from January 2023 [PDF, 643KB]1

Fee Information Document for International Bank Account [PDF, 624KB]
Fee Information Document for the Euro International Bank Account [PDF, 272KB]
Fee Information Document for the Dollar International Bank Account [PDF, 272KB]
Fee Information Document for the Barclays Current Account [PDF, 673KB]
Fee Information Document for the Premier Global Current Account [PDF, 675KB]
Fee Information Document for the Overseas Currency Account [PDF, 266KB]

Overseas Delivery Charges

Barclays Overseas Delivery Charges [PDF, 1.3MB]

Payment cut-off times

Cut-off times for Barclays Bank Plc (Jersey and Isle of Man) [PDF, 52KB]

Offshore transfers IBAN regulation

What you need to know to send money abroad.

Debit Card Foreign Exchange Charges

Debit Card transactions in a currency other than GBP incur a 2.99% non-Sterling transaction fee (excluding EUR/USD Travel Wallet transactions).

For more details on our FX debit card charges, including a table showing our exchange rates for certain currencies compared to the rate published by the European Central Bank (ECB), please visit barclays.co.uk/travel/using-debit-card-abroad/. Please note this link brings you to our Barclays UK website (and away from this current site) which offers different products which you may not be eligible for and links which may not be applicable. Please also note for all regulatory information and protections please only refer to the Important Information page on this current website.

Foreign Exchange Pricing Explained

Foreign Exchange (FX) pricing explained [PDF, 687KB]