Getting started

Once installed, you can register for the Barclays app1 in a couple of different ways – just choose the one the works best for you when you launch it.

We’ll need your mobile number

Whichever way you choose to register for the Barclays app, we’ll always need your mobile number. We link your app to your mobile phone for security and we may sometimes send you updates about your account.

Have you been given an activation code?

If you’ve been given an activation code for the Barclays app, either at one of our branches or over the phone, you’re all set. Just launch the app and choose the ‘activation code’ option to start your registration.

What to do if you do not have a Barclays Debit Card yet?

If you don’t have a Barclays debit card, you can get one linked to a GBP current or savings account. If you don’t want a debit card, or don’t have an eligible GBP account, you will need to call us to get a Barclays app activation code. Once you’ve received the code, you should launch the app and choose the ‘activation code’ option to start your registration.

To register, you’ll need an eligible account with us. Then, follow these steps:

  • Download the app from your smartphone’s app store
  • Open the app and register with your sort code and account number
  • Verify your identity using a PINsentry reader or at one of our cash machines.

How to register for the app with your account details

Follow the below steps to see how to register for the Barclays app with your bank details. You can also visit a branch, and we’ll help you get set up.

Step 1

  • Download the Barclays app and follow the in-app guide to the 'Verify Your Details' page
  • When you reach the 'Verify Your Details' page, call us on +800 800 88885^ or  +44 (0)1624 684444* to obtain the app activation code. Alternatively, visit any Barclays cash machine or branch to obtain your code
  • This can only be used once and is valid for 24 hours; if you do not use it within that time, you will need to request another one.

Step 2

  • Enter your eight-digit activation code.

Step 3

  • Enter and confirm the mobile phone number you used to obtain your activation code
  • Carefully check that the details you have inserted are correct
  • Carefully read through the terms and conditions.

Step 4

  • To link your mobile phone to the app, you will receive a text message containing a six-digit code
  • Leave the app and go to your text messages. The message sender shows as Barclays
  • Make a note of the six-digit code.

Step 5

  • Log into the Barclays app
  • Enter your five-digit passcode created earlier and tap 'Continue' on the link your mobile screen
  • Enter the six-digit code we sent you via text message
  • When you have entered the code, press 'Verify' to continue.

Step 6

  • You will receive confirmation that you have finished and can press 'Continue' to begin using the app.

How to register for the app using PINsentry

Follow the below steps to register for the app or upgrade basic access with PINsentry.

Step 1

  • On the welcome screen select ‘I already have an account'
  • Create a 5-digit passcode
  • Re-enter the passcode
  • Carefully read through the terms and conditions then accept to proceed.

Step 2

  • When asked if you have been provided an activation code, select ‘No, continue without’
  • Select ‘Barclays UK’ from the options and then press ‘continue’
  • Read the items required to register and press ‘continue’
  • When asked if you have had the app before, select ‘no’.

Step 3

  • When prompted, enter your card details and then press ‘continue’
  • Enter your mobile number then press ‘continue’
  • You’ll need to confirm your mobile number then ‘continue’.

Step 4

  • Once details have been checked you will be prompted with a PINSentry option. Select ‘Yes – I have a PINsentry’ to continue
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your card in the box provided
  • Enter your card into the PINsentry reader and press ‘RESPOND’
  • Enter your PIN for the card into the PINsentry reader then the 8-digit code shown on the Barclays app screen.
  • A new code will be displayed on the PINsentry reader, enter this into the Barclays app where it asks the PINsentry code, then press ‘continue’.

Step 5

  • You will see a screen to confirm checking, press ‘continue’
  • Enter a meaningful greeting you will remember and ‘continue’
  • Registration is complete, ‘continue’ to set up touch ID or you may skip this step, it can be enabled later is you would like it
  • Enable notifications if you wish to receive them
  • You are now setup to use the Barclays app.

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