Ways to make banking with us easier

Our website employs various techniques to make sure your browsing experience is fast and convenient

We adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), used to ensure web sites are designed and written in a way that makes them accessible to everyone.

  • Where we use images, we use alternative text so that those people who cannot see the image can read the text 
  • We only use strong colour contrasts
  • Headings are used correctly to make them readable through screen readers
  • Links do what they say. We don't use 'click here'
  • Tables are laid out in tabular form with headings and summaries
  • We use style sheets to determine the presentation of our web site - this assists those using screen reading devices.

Change your accessibility settings

Learn how to make the most of your device's settings and make it easier to use if you have an impairment or disability. Explore AbilityNet’s My Computer My Way site.