Terms and conditions

These are the terms for certain services that we provide via Barclays Bank Plc and Barclays Bank UK Plc, International Banking

These are the terms and conditions for Barclays Bank Plc International Banking clients:
Barclays Bank Terms – effective October 2018 until April 2021 [PDF, 3MB]
Barclays Bank Terms – effective April 2021 [PDF, 392KB]1
Summary of changes to the Barclays Bank Terms – effective April 2021 [PDF, 1.2MB]

Additional Terms for Barclays International Banking (for clients of Barclays Bank PLC) – effective from June 2024 [PDF, 836KB]

Reference Guide (FAQs and summary) for Barclays Bank Terms and Additional Terms – July 2023 [PDF, 257KB]

Dubai International Financial Center Terms for International Clients [PDF, 2.4MB] - the terms that apply for services we provide via Barclays in the DIFC

Barclays Bank PLC best execution policy [PDF, 117KB]

For services that we provide via Barclays Bank Jersey PLC
Discretionary Portfolio - Income Instruction Form [PDF, 698KB]

Product terms

International Bank Account [PDF, 398KB]
International Reserve Account [PDF, 477KB]
Children’s Savings Account [PDF, 381KB]
Notice Deposit Account – 35 Day [PDF, 617KB]
Notice Deposit Account – 100 Day [PDF, 599KB]
Treasury Deposit [PDF, 436KB]

Terms for products no longer available to new customers

Currency Call Deposit Account [PDF, 411KB]

Your personal information – Full privacy notice

Our full privacy notice (FPN) sets out how we use your personal information (referred to in Section F) of the Barclays Bank Terms.

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