Terms and conditions

These are the terms for certain services that we provide via Barclays Bank Plc and Barclays Bank UK Plc, International Banking.

Barclays Bank Terms - effective October 2018 [PDF, 3MB]

For clients of Barclays Bank UK Plc, please note that the Barclays Bank UK Terms (October 2018) have been replaced by the following terms, effective from 12 August 2019 for new clients:
Barclays Bank UK client agreement [PDF, 172KB]
Barclays and you [PDF, 2.3MB]
Wealth Management Additional Banking Terms [PDF, 169KB]
Wealth Management Additional Overdraft Terms [PDF, 57KB]
Please note these PDFs are hosted on a different site, www.barclays.co.uk.

Existing clients on the Barclays UK Terms (October 2018) will be notified about the update to the current terms and will receive a copy of the replacement terms shortly. This notice will set out the date on which the new terms will be effective for existing clients. In the meantime, the Barclays UK Terms (October 2018) will continue to apply to existing clients:
Barclays Bank UK Terms - October 2018 [PDF, 1.1MB]

Additional Terms for Barclays International Banking clients [PDF, 186KB]

Additional Terms for International Banking clients (For clients of Barclays Bank UK Plc) [PDF, 163KB]

Additional Terms For Barclays International Banking UK resident non-domiciled (“RND”) clients [PDF, 163KB]

Specific terms for certain bank accounts

For clients residing in Dubai and opening an account through the Barclays International Dubai office, see our DIFC terms (PDF, 190KB)

SMS alert and notification service [PDF, 163KB]

From 1 April 2019, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) compensation limit for eligible investment business will increase to £85,000. For further information about the FSCS please visit www.fscs.org.uk.

Your personal information - Full privacy notice

Our full privacy notice (FPN) sets out how we use your personal information (referred to in Section F) of the Barclays Bank Terms.

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