Features and benefits of your app

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Banking in the palm of your hand

Manage all payments and transfers for all of your accounts in one app. You can edit standing orders, Direct Debits and make payments securely. Just select ‘Pay & transfer’ at the bottom of your screen.

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Make regular payments

Edit standing orders and Direct Debits by selecting ‘Pay & transfer’ at the bottom of your screen.

International payments icon

Send money abroad

Sending money abroad from your Sterling account is easy. Click on the ‘Pay & transfers’ icon, then enter who you want to send money to and when. 


Spend in euros and US dollars

Use your debit card like a multi-currency card abroad by creating a ‘Travel Wallet’ in your app. You’ll lock-in an exchange rate when you credit your wallet and you won’t pay any fees when making purchases or withdrawing cash abroad in the local currency1. There’s no wasted change as you can choose to leave the currency in your Travel Wallet for next time or convert it back to British pounds.

Manage your cards


View your card and PIN number

Forgotten your pin or don't have your debit card on you? No problem. With the Barclays app you can get a quick and secure reminder.

Merchant control icon

Limit your retailers

You can block your card from being used with certain merchants, such as gambling or premium-rate websites and phone lines.

Card freeze icon

Lost your card?

There’s no need to cancel your card, only to find it again. Now you can temporarily freeze your card while you search for it. Click on ‘Quick links’, then ‘Cards’, where you can select ‘Temporary freeze’. If you really have lost it, you can then cancel it in the app.


Travelling abroad

The new travel controls allow you to put restrictions on your account, both home and abroad.

Keeping track of your money

Calendar icon

Manage your money

All of your bills and regular payments are in your app’s calendar. Get an overview of your finances by selecting ‘Manage payments’, and then select ‘Calendar’.


Control your spending

You can limit ATM withdrawals and control whether your card can be used to make payments online, over the phone or via app.


Instant statements

View and download your statements as soon as they’re created, rather than waiting for them to arrive in the post.

Stay in contact


Call us securely

We’re always here to help. You can make secure calls directly to your local team in the app, click on ‘Direct Call’.

data control icon

You're in charge

You can decide how you would like us to contact you and how we use your data. Just click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Privacy hub’.

Other helpful features



Notifications in the app can help you take control of your money as well as helping you to spot any unusual activity.


Log in quickly

Even if you don’t have your PINsentry card reader, you can log in to online banking by using your Mobile PINsentry in the app.

App ID

With app ID, we can securely identify you on the phone, simply by sending a secure notification to your device. And if we call you, you can use app ID to check that it’s us.


Apply for Barclays products

You can browse available products in your app and call us directly in the app if you want to open an account.

Get the app

Already bank with Barclays? Download the app now2

Not yet a Barclays customer?

To enjoy the perks of the Barclays app, you’ll need a current account with us. Find out more about what we offer or apply for an account online today

Activate your app

After downloading your banking app, you’ll be asked to enter a five-digit password, which you’ll be asked to enter every time you use the app.

After setting your password, you need to register the app with either an activation code or if you have one, you can use your Barclays PINsentry.

You can get an activation code by phoning us on 01624 684 444*, at a cash machine or a Barclays branch.

To complete your registration, follow our step by step registration guide.

Your easy app guide

Learn to use all of the useful features in your app with these short videos, from transferring money to arranging a Direct Debit.