International clients

Manage your wealth internationally

We offer you a choice of jurisdictions dependent on your needs.

Benefits of International Banking

Are you looking for more than your local bank can offer? You may want a secure financial location, or perhaps you want financial planning options that aren’t available locally. We can offer you:

Secure, stable financial centres

We offer you a choice of locations so you can choose the jurisdiction that best suits your needs.

Please see eligibility criteria1.

Accounts we offer


International savings

Make your money grow with the right savings account

Instant access accounts or fixed term deposits - we have a range of saving options for you to choose from.


International Bank Account

Helping you manage your global finances

Our International Bank Account is a current account you can open in a selection of currencies, in a variety of locations.

Relationship management

Designed for clients with more complex financial needs who are looking for pro-active support. Our relationship management offers you personalised and dedicated expert service2.


Make your dreams happen

We’re ready to move, invest and preserve your wealth, so you can make the most of your world. Apply for a Barclays International Bank Account today.