Clients moving to the UK

Making the journey smoother

Let us take care of your day-to-day banking so you can concentrate on making the best start in your new home.

Day-to-day money management

In the UK, you’ll need a sterling bank account, but because you might have interests, assets and family at home, you’re more likely to need the easy international transfers, currency transactions and other useful features of our International Bank Account.

Why choose an International Bank Account?

Easy to open

It's easier to open than a standard UK bank account - you can set it up before you move.

Bank in multiple currencies

Open multiple bank accounts in a range of currencies1, including sterling, euros and US dollars.

Send money home

Our international money transfer service provides you with a quick and easy way to send money home.

Choice of cards

There’s a range of cards to make payments, including the Barclays debit card and American Express Charge Card2.

UK mortgages

We can help you get a UK home with a choice of mortgage deals and the ongoing support of  our mortgage advisers3.


We can offer you savings options and investment management services to help you build your wealth4.

International Banking Service is available for clients who maintain at least £100,000 or currency equivalent with us (threshold may be increased dependent on jurisdiction or other factors).

Relationship management

Designed for clients with more complex financial needs who are looking for proactive support. Our relationship management offers you personalised and dedicated expert service5.


Make your dreams happen

We’re ready to move, invest and preserve your wealth, so you can make the most of your world. Apply for a Barclays International Bank Account today.

Do you need a UK bank account?

If International Banking is not what you’re looking for or you need a UK bank account, there are a few options for you to choose from, each with a great set of features and benefits.