Treasury Deposits

Focus on growing your savings

Treasury deposits offer a fixed interest rate for anything from three months to five years. You choose the currency and timeframe that suits you.

Features and benefits

If you’re focused on growing your savings and don’t need instant access to your money a Treasury Deposit could be the right choice.

Short or long-term

Choose the term that suits your needs – anything from three months to five years.

Choose your currency

Treasury deposits are available in GBP, USD and many other currencies.

Minimum deposit

£50,000 or $50,000 (or GBP equivalent for other currencies) across all terms.

Fixed rate of interest

The interest rate we’ll pay, and if it's paid annually or at the end of the term, is agreed when you place your deposit – it won’t change throughout the term.


  • Be a Barclays International Banking client.
  • Have a minimum balance of £25,000 (or currency equivalent) in cash or investments to deposit and maintain across your Barclays international bank accounts.

Things to consider

  • You cannot add or withdraw cash from a Treasury Deposit
  • There is no right to cancel a Treasury Deposit, so be sure it’s the solution that works for you
  • If interest rates move, either up or down, your deposit won’t be affected.

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